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January 17th, 2017

Torrance, CA – Earth Technologies LLC, announced today it will become the first zero waste Surfboard and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) production facility in the world. Earth Technologies is the leading manufacturer of custom sustainable surfboards and SUPs in the United States and now will take the global lead in Zero Waste.


Earth Technologies is known for their technological innovation with more sustainable materials in making surfboards and SUPs that combine high performance and beautiful artistry and craftsmanship. Founded in 2011, they were the first manufacturer to make a 100% commitment to sustainability, and have won numerous awards.


“Sustainable Surf is stoked to see Earth Technologies – one of the original ECOBOARD Builders – take sustainable surfboard manufacturing to a whole new level. Going ‘zero-waste’, while closing the loop on surfboards is something we are actively pushing to become a future standard for all surfboard builders. Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project is a global movement towards the idea of truly sustainable surfboard manufacturing and Earth Technologies is definitely at a the forefront of that movement” -Kevin Whilden, Co-founder Sustainable Surf


In Order to make “The Switch to Zero” Earth Technologies is launching 3 new systems that will put an end cap on their waste streams heading to the landfill.


  • The Living Earth Systems. This consists of a network of meal worms on a rural farm that eat all of our foam shaping dust, stringer and veneer off-cuts and produce a bi-product that’s organic soil.
  • The Board Recycling & Deposit Program. We will become a collection center for epoxy boards that are broken or retired. Instead of boards ending up in a landfill they get recycled. The outer shell gets stripped and shred, then we upcycle the foam into new shapes or handplanes. The customer recycling the board will get an in store credit. A portion of this in store credit will go to key non profits we support.
  • The Vacuum Infusion System. All shop trash/waste gets sorted/categorized then processed by two machines: an industrial shredder and particle reducer. Every bit of production waste from gloves, stir sticks, excess resin on floors, to brushes and squeegees will go through this process. Through the Vacuum Infusion Process we will turn our densified waste into usable products ranging from key chains, and coasters to fins and handplanes.


About Earth Technologies:


Earth Technologies was the first company in the world to build Gold Level ECO BOARDS, which is the highest sustainability rating by non-profit Sustainable Surf. They use the finest sustainably sourced materials and techniques in all aspects of manufacturing. Boards are constructed with plant-based epoxy resins and 100% recyclable foam, making the board building process less harmful for the people constructing the boards and for the planet.

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Earth Technologies will join 1% For The Planet and donate a percentage of their Green Lines upcycled product sales to Sustainable surf a 501c3 non-profit. Their mission is to transform surf culture into a powerful force for protecting the ocean playground. Sustainable Surf runs the ECOBOARD Project, which helps board builders across the planet make more sustainable surfboards and SUPs. All boards built by Earth Technologies have the “Verified ECOBOARD” logo, as designated by Sustainable Surf.


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