The TWINJA (Stock)
The TWINJA (Stock)
The TWINJA (Stock)

The TWINJA (Stock)

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Meet our newest model in the quiver!

A new shrunken down midrange model that bridges the gap between midlength and shortboard.

Our second signature collaboration model with our brother Selema Masekela. It's a rad combination of midrange, shortboard, retro single fin and twin fin dubbed the TWINJA.

The Twinja is a modern planning hull shape. It features a proprietary blend of traditional displacement hull contours transitioning into a blended vee with double concave out the back third of the shape.

A subtle single channel utilizing sacred geometry runs through the twin fins. It has an elliptical outline for plenty of paddle power with a relatively wide nose and round tail. The rails are thinned out and knifey for added feel and sensitivity on the wave. The Fin set up is our new "Twingle Fin" configuration.

This Versatile model can be ridden as a proper twin fin, or classic displacement hull single.

The TWINJA will be available from 5'7" up to 6'11", and available for custom order.


$100 from each sale will go to a nonprofit highlighted on helping to combat climate change, and racial and social injustice.

A Limited Edition collection of just 5 boards is also dropping on Juneteenth (6/19). Each board will come with a bundle of our sustainable EarthTech lifestyle goods (coasters, planters, soap dish, wax comb) made from the production waste of the board and a signed certificate of authenticity for the eco stats...the amount of production waste removed/saved from going into the landfill by utilizing the Zero Waste System. These boards will all be custom built from start to finish by Ry.  


Select 'Add Matching Shred Skateboard' at checkout, and the waste stream from your very own Earth Tech surfboard will be upcycled into a matching Shred Surfskate!
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