Radically different surf SUP design that must be ridden to be believed.  It uses modern planing hull design based on sacred geometry to improve speed and stability in a board that you can ride a foot shorter than your typical SUP.

The Agressr uses a parallel outline, low continuous rocker, and a unique blended channel bottom throughout the length of the board. These elements synergize to create lift, drive, speed and hard charging turns. In short, this board surfs AGRESSIVE.

Like all of my surf SUPs, the Agressr works in all wave conditions. Beach breaks, points, and reefs all benefit from the unique design elements. It has been proven in small beach break to overhead reef break. Advanced surfers will love how the short length and speed of the Agressr allows them to access parts of waves that SUPs usually can’t surf.

This board excels for those seeking to improve SUP surf skills. The wide outline adds volume and creates stability that makes the Agressr an easy board to balance on. The low rocker improves wave catching, and generates effortless speed in combination with the channel bottom.

Typical dims range from 6’4 (72 liters) to 8’6 (145 liters).