The Ohno

The Ohno is my take on the classic performance egg.  This is the most versatile shape I make, and is suitable for beginner to advanced surfers. Everyone should have an egg in their quiver.

The Ohno has a single concave into slight double concave with vee. Continuous rocker throughout is a perfect blend of wave catching and turning ability. The single wing thumb tail that carves turns off the tail with ease. Fins are highly versatile and can be used as single, 2+1, quad, or twinnie.

If you’re a beginner that’s ready to move towards shorter boards, The Ohno will get you there, and help you learn better turning and wave catching.

If you’re a good surfer looking for a mid-length board, The Ohno will be fun in all conditions and provide endless experimentation opportunities. The rail thickness and rocker can be customized to provide exactly the kind of ride you need.

Size range is 6’8 to 8’0.