Basalt Tech

This is our newest proprietary construction method. Looking for a sustainable alternative to carbon fiber Ry sourced some radical basalt fiber. Basalt fiber is made from volcanic rocks and has natural dampening effects. We use an exclusive uni-directional basalt fiber on the rails only of custom stringerless Envirofoam (recycled eps) from Marko Foam. The basalt rails taper to the shape of the board thinning out in the nose and tail to enhance better flex and performance. We keep the tail disconnected in this basalt parabolic framework to increase torsional flex off the tail. This dramatically increases projection in and out of turns. We use multiple overlapping layers of fiberglass over the basalt framework for a lightweight durable finished product and unlike traditional wooden stringers the basalt wont break down over time and stays consistent. The end result is a more durable board with a livelier feel and great flex and performance attributes.