The Shred Stick

The Shred Stick is a high-performance surfing SUP for advanced surfers on fast waves.

My home break is El Porto in Manhattan Beach. It is known for its fast, steep, hollow beach break waves that often close out and occasionally serve up perfect barrels. I designed the Shred Stick to make the most of these challenging conditions.

It has plenty of foam in the standing area for fast paddling and early entry into waves. The volume then blends into a performance sidecut tail for tight-radius turns on good waves and deep in the pocket. Bottom contours are single into double with vee.

The Shred Stick speeds through heavy sections and never loses control. It’s ideal for travel to good waves, and for surfing in solid waves. If you want to get barreled on your SUP, this is the board you want.

Interestingly, I’ve also found it to work really well on mushy high-tide waves if you keep it on rail and stand just slightly forward to engage the foam in the center.

Typical size range is 7’4 to 8’6.