Named for my hometown, Portland Oregon, The PDX is an all-around SUP that works in all conditions. If you have one board in your quiver, this is what you want.

Cruising on flatwater rivers, lakes, and harbors? This board will glide with ease and stability.

Going surfing?  The performance squash tail and tri-fin will have you carving up small waves. This board also noserides well. It’s the perfect board to learn how to surf.

Enjoying family time?  Put your dog and/or kids on the nose while you paddle.

Going fishing? Add deck mounts and bungie cords to hold your cooler.

The PDX can be customized to your specifications, to optimize your favorite types of paddling. Small changes in width, thickness, rail shape and outline will make a board that works perfectly for your height, weight, and skill level.

Add Ballist-Tek construction to make a board that is more durable than molded pop-outs, and can withstand amazing amounts of abuse.

Typical size is 9’6 to 11’6. The sweet spot is 10’6  for an all-around, do-everything board for most paddlers.