El Nino Stick (step up/mini gun)

To put it simply, this shape is charging pumping surf. Every surfer needs a true step up in their quiver for when the waves start really firing. The perfect addition to your quiver for gnarly winter days, South Swells in Mex, Winter in Hawaii and so on. Our HPS model stretched out and scaled up with the necessary increase in nose and tail rocker to match the curve of big overhead waves. Simple proven concaves - single under the chest and front foot to subtle double through the fins and vee off the tail. A pulled in pintail for maximum hold in solid waves. The El Nino Stick is best ridden 2-4 inches taller than your go to shortboard or your height. Available on a custom order basis only.








Custom order only.

From 5’11” (grom size) to 7’2″